Appreciation & Sabbatical

As this year of our Lord, 2014, comes to a close, please accept this heart-felt note of appreciation, which is addressed to those who have chosen to be a participant in contemplating Been Pondering…”  postings that contain my various musings.  Your decisions to “come alongside” through giving of valuable time in reading, commenting, replying, “FB likes” and asking for specific topics to be addressed have been of extreme significance in our never-ending search for deeper Truth.

As always, I desire to be used by The Most High God in these reflections to teach, to encourage and/or exhort, and to equip those who have invested themselves in this effort.  As we function in obedience to His commands and live for the “praise of His glory,” our characters should reveal evidence of a Christian maturation process that is in accordance with God’s good, perfect and acceptable will.

Becoming more and more aware of the times in which we live has deepened my desire to more effectively discern between the sound of God’s gentle whisper and the many “noises” generated by society, our old natures, etc.  The many years of Christian living have shown me that delving into God’s Word while inviting the leadership of His Spirit and listening for His voice are valuable keys in the discernment process.

Needing the provision of time for proper execution of the call, I am implementing a sabbatical from penning the Been Pondering… blog; this is an appropriate prerequisite for proper results, but it does not include taking time off from utilization of other spiritual gifts, which are granted for building up other members of the Body of Christ.  In addition, considering future Been Pondering… postings will be included within my objective.

If you have not “come alongside” with this Been Pondering… remnant, but desire to be a more effective servant of your Savior as Lord and Master, you are most welcome to read or re-read the previously posted Been Pondering… items at any time.  There is always room for one more who chooses to still their soul (mind, will and emotion) in silence, listening with sensitivity (in their spirit) for His voice.  To those who choose to lend an ear, may your natural hearing of the lyrics in the embedded song prove to be complementary in this sojourn to know Him better!

“Still Your Soul in Silence” Lyrics

In the lives of those who follow there is going to come a time

When rhythm starts to stumble and singsong swallows rhyme

When imaginations crumble, false foundations turn to dust

Towers fall to piles of stones and girders into rust

Till you let the blood of Jesus wash the rubble from your mind

And your eyes again can see the one you almost left behind

When theology’s in tatters and reason is absurd

Still your soul in silence and listen for His word

So many turns, so many ways, so many voices cry

Standing at the crossroads watching time go flashing by

Indecision paralyzes, it’s the fear of choosing wrong

But waiting is a step itself, and your wondering too long

So again you search the Scripture, and again you ask your friends

But last of all the One who knows the beginning from the end

In the clamor and confusion and the blindness of your choice

Still your soul in silence, and listen for His voice

Rome is full of ruins, Babylon is gone

The temple’s just a memory that some still dwell upon

But deep within a place that sword and veil had once denied

A tree of life is growing, living waters flow beside

Far beyond all human reason and words upon a page

His glory lightens all who fret their hour upon this stage

To know Him is our freedom, to hear Him is release

To fix your heart and soul on Him is rest and perfect peace

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3 Responses to Appreciation & Sabbatical

  1. Dwayne says:

    Charles, that’s an excellent post and decision on your part to continue to use your gifts, and at the same time to “come aside and rest awhile,” as Jesus told His disciples once. For what it’s worth, I’m feeling the exact leadings, but you give such excellent verbiage to it, along with your heart on the matter. God bless you as you seek Him, and give ear to His voice and His heart.

    Thanks so much for what you’ve shared with us in the online community, still available for mediation, and for what you will share in the future, after the time you’ve devoted to hearing.

    The best of wishes for God’s choicest blessings on you and yours in 2015 and this continuing chapter of your life.

    PS Love the Don Francisco song! Very apropos!

    • Dwayne, your comment (as usual) blesses beyond description! Every time (which is often) you utilize the gift of encouragement/exhortation, my spirit within projects a “smile” while thinking of the first time you came to view this “brother” who was oft mentioned by “others” in your life at that time! There are not many like you, my dear brother, who decides truth for himself and exhibits such fearless loyalty, regardless of the strength of the opposition. My life has been doubly blessed because of you and the many years of deep friendship that we have chosen to walk out!

      The airport, just south of town, is still open, ground transportation is available upon advance notification and the breakfast spot serves a tasty meal! So that we may glean insight from one another, “Come aside and rest awhile” when you can!

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